Connections. Nike TN You never know where they may lead. nike shoes uk Estimates vary between 100-600 people that we each know well enough to refer someone to. Kids Air Jordan While I shy away from that number personally, I embrace it professionally. If you think about the number of people you know…not just your close friends or allies, but people you know what would the total be. adidas shoes This might include your dentist and their staff, your doctors, realtors, neighbors, people in the stores you frequent…what might that number look like? How does this list expand, and what can you do to expand it organically? I recently had lunch with a colleague who I know primarily through New York City contacts. In the end, she has connections with people in the North Country of NY. nike lebron Who would have guessed? Ultimately, working with your connections means working to create deeper, improved connections. cheap ugg boots uk You would like them to refer you to their customers, colleagues, and connections, but they will not unless the ultimately trust and value your relationship. ray ban aviator crystal Plot out a map, stretching into and value of your current network. Go beyond the first level and look to second and third level connections and work to improve those. cheapest shop for uggs Find ways to get personal introductions, take advantage of them and nurture them.