Have you noticed that the best clinicians or technicians become supervisors or team leaders? Pretty common. Why? Well, because they are the best clinician or technician of course. Would you promote a mediocre clinician or technician to be a supervisor or team leader? You might want to consider it.

We do not “anoint” our physicians, nurses, phlebotomists, therapists or in many cases even our aides. Those who become the best clinicians start by choosing the career. Each level of practioner then has its course of study, clinical practice or internships, and one or more layers of exams or proficiencies. For many professionals there are ongoing clinical education requirements that help keep them up to date. We would go further by buddying the new therapist up with an experienced one for a year. They were given the time and expected to meet weekly, to practice and problem solve.

Yet, we anoint our supervisors or team leaders. “Susie, by virtue of being a super-tech you have earned the right to be super-visor” Susie goes home, throws a party for her family and friends, and comes back on Monday wearing her newly pressed cape with a big “S” on it. We have missed the steps of finding out if it is something she would choose, giving her a course of study, practice and some sort of feedback as to her proficiency. Rather than making sure she has a more experienced and successful coach, and the time allotted to meet together, we say: “call me if you need me, I’d be happy to help”. No super-tech turned super-visor worth their weight would ask for help in that situation. Susie will just figure it out, hit or miss, fail and succeed.

Your super-worker may be a super-visor, so might the mediocre worker.

What if we changed our model and figured out which of  our competent techs has the natural talents needed to supervise others, asked if they had the desire to be a team leader, gave them the skills, practice time, checked their proficiency and gave them access to a coach for a year?

What different results might we get and how might that impact our outcomes?

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