Successful people are highly skilled at influencing others. Successful leaders work with people who do what the leaders need to get done because they believe that it is exactly what they want and know that they will benefit from it. What is it that they know that less successful people don’t know? What is it that they do that others do not do?

Here is what they know and what they do:

1. They realize that empathy is a skill that can be developed and are careful to develop their empathy skills, increasing the likelihood that they will understand how they feel when they do what they do.

2. Similarly, they value good communication, know how hard it is and work hard to improve communication.

3. Specifically they know about their employees lives. They do not pry or push but rather they interact with them in a variety of situations and actively listen when they offer information. Successful leaders then are able to follow up with appropriate questions or express appropriate concern.

4.They also learn about what is motivating to their employees or colleagues. They recognize which things in the environment bring out the best for each individual.

5.Successful leaders understand the talents and strengths of those around them. They understand that when people are asked to work in areas that are their natural talents that they work better, more creatively and produce innovative products and answers.

6. Those who are the best at getting results, also appreciate the value of combining the knowledge of strengths and motivators to propel results even higher. They individually consider each of those working with them, allowing them to work as much as possible on projects that require their strength and then shape the environment to support each individual’s motivations.

Leaders accomplish much through those around them. What are you doing to lead your employees and division or company to higher levels of success?

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