When talking to a prospect we were referred to, he mentioned that they had all good intentions of getting a specific project completed, but despite the fact they recognized the value of completing the project, the day to day business of doing business had gotten in the way. This is not an uncommon concern we hear from our customers. It is also a consideration that weighs as part of the reason to hire us. In addition to our ongoing commitment to our customers, expertise, integrity and proven track record of getting results, it is one of the reasons for engaging us that we frequently hear.

However, choosing the right consultant for your business can be a difficult task. Once you have clearly defined the goals you are planning on obtaining, you can start your search.

Here are some things to consider:

  1. What type of consultant are you looking for? For example, is it someone with technical skills, regulatory knowledge, planning expertise, or a pro at developing people?
  2. Experience. Do they have the experience working in the area you need them?
  3. How big are they? While not always true, it is likely that smaller consultant practices will provide more personal interactions and that they are able to customize a solution to meet your needs.
  4. Do you like them? While this is just a feeling, it is an important one. You will be working closely with them, and positive relationships are important in successful outcomes. It is easier to have great communication with someone you like. Make sure you have the opportunity to meet those who will actually be delivering the services.
  5. Do you trust them? Often consultants will need to dig into the down and dirty parts of your company. For them to do their jobs and have an outcome that will stick, they will need accurate information. If you hesitate to give them this information, you should not hire them.
  6. Capacity. Are they big enough to deliver what they said they would? What resources do they have?
  7. Customized. If consultants come in with a proposal before truly understanding what your problem is, hesitate. Until consultants have a chance to ask questions, it is difficult to provide an answer to the questions “what can you do for us and what will it cost?”

Consultants can provide a valuable service. When you need one, make sure you are spending your money wisely.

We help individuals and organizations make changes that are significant to their staff and leadership growth and organizational alignment. If we might be able to help you, let us know.

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