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Where is your organization in regard to sustainability?
Sustainability – What is it?



Sustainability is an increase in productivity and/or reduction in consumed resources without compromising product or service quality, competitiveness, or profitability while helping to save the environment.


Company leaders are concerned with how to balance the interests of the environment with the necessity to produce business results.


Organizations that recognize that sustainability is not going away and position themselves as sustainable organizations will achieve a sizable competitive advantage. The organizations that capitalize on business sustainability will benefit not just by optimizing resources but by increasing their bottom line!

  •  Five levels of sustainability implementation have been identified:
  •  Level 1 businesses on the implementation model are those that are not interested or not thinking about sustainability.
  • Level 2 are businesses and organizations that are performing assessments and beginning to strategically plan for the integration of sustainability throughout their business.
  •  Level 3 businesses are implementing their plan by developing employees throughout the organization and reducing waste and errors through process improvement.
  • Level 4 businesses are engaged in their communities, are developing loyal employees, customers and stakeholders.
  •  Level 5 businesses are transformed. Every new employee that is hired, process that is initiated and every new customer that is gained is done with attention to maximizing the efficient and effective use of all resources that produces results.


Sustainability must be a strategic decision made by the top leaders.


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